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Vaidyamrutam Haircare Oil

Prevents Hairfall

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Aditi Herbal Shampoo

Removes Dandruff and Prevents Hair Fall

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Hima Ayurvedic Hair Pack

Prevents Hair Fall and Enhance Hair Growth

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Ventha Velichena

Perfect Solution for Skin

About Us

Vaidyamrutam is an Ayurvedic brand developed by Dr. Vineetha Manoj (BAMS MD(Ayu), Msc yoga therapy), an experienced Ayurveda physician specializing in hair and skin treatments for over sixteen years. She created Vaidyamrutam Hair oil specifically to help patients with alopecia areata, and it has been clinically proven and successfully used for nine years. Dr. Vineetha Manoj's journey started when she experimented with a formula for a patient with alopecia areata and achieved impressive results. Following this success, Vaidyamrutam underwent extensive clinical trials, showing its effectiveness in treating various types of hair fall. To enhance its offerings, Vaidyamrutam also provides other excellent hair care products, such as Aditi Herbal shampoo for gentle cleansing and Hima Hair Pack for nourishing hair roots, increasing thickness, and promoting hair growth. Vaidyamrutam is a trusted Ayurvedic brand that offers a diverse range of beauty and personal care solutions.



Gynec recommended Dr. Vineetha in 2021 post-delivery. Her oil combated my postpartum hair loss effectively. Made my hair healthier, thicker. Apply pre-bath, massage, rinse residue-free. I Highly recommend her oil and shampoo.

Veena Ashok

Hi, I am using Vaidyamrutam hair oil for more than 6 months. My hair fall has reduced a lot. This also helps to improve my hair growth. I am very satisfied using hair oil and shampoo and I highly recommend this hair oil and shampoo.

Hansa J Thattil

I have personally used Vaidyamrutham Ayurvedic Hair Oil and Aditi shampoo. Both are very effective for prevention of Hair Loss and for good cleansing of the scalp. Have used Virgin Coconut Oil and Rasnadi for my grand son. Very good products for baby's health.

Dr. Suma

Really happy to share the positive vibes of the Ayurveda hair care oil - Vaidyamrutham of Dr. Vineetha!lt reduces hair fall& accelerates hair growth within weeks.


I am using vaidyamrutam hairoil since one year and totally satisfied with the product. I reduced my hairfall and my hair became healthy and strong. Thankyou vaidyamrutam


ഒട്ടും പ്രതീക്ഷിച്ചില്ല,മുൻപത്തെ വെച്ച് നോക്കുവാണേൽ ഇപ്പോ മുടികൊഴിച്ചിൽ ഇല്ലെന്നു തന്നെ പറയാം മുടിയുടെ frizzines ഒക്കെ മാറി ശെരിക്കും soft ആയി അനുഭവത്തിലൂടെ മനസ്സിലായി ..


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